Summer Outing and Evening meets

Just an informal meet-up at the locations listed below for a chat and a photo walk.
Details and directions of where to meet will be sent out by email nearer the time.
May – Peebles – 3rd May 19:30 – (Sunset 20:52)
July – Wooplaw wood – 5th July 19:30 – (Sunset 21:55)
August – Cardona Forest – 2nd August 19:30 – (Sunset 21:15)
September – Dryburgh – 6th September 19:30 – (Sunset 19:52) (Might be worth meeting earlier)
Our main Summer outing is to St.Abbs on Sunday 11th of June. It includes a boat trip to photograph the birds along the cliff face. You can make your own way by car or join in the car sharing. We will finish with an evening meal on the way home. Again, details will be published nearer the time.
Watch your email for impromptu meetings and photo walks in the local area. Make sure that is marked as a safe sender.

The Annual Competition 2023

Galashiels Camera Club 2023 Annual Competition results:

General DPI

Beginner section            3rd – Tam Renwick – Bake Cake

2nd – Dave Armstrong – 3 a side football

1st – Dave Armstrong – Awaiting lady of the Lake

Standard                          3rd – Richard Lillico – Road racing

2nd – Dave Armstrong – 3 a side football

1st – Dave Armstrong – Awaiting lady of the Lake

Commended for Ron Bell, Kat Slater and Richard Lillico

(Dave Armstrong automatically moves to the Standard section for 2023-24)

Landscape DPI

Beginner section            3rd – Dave Armstrong – Loch Arklet

2nd – Layla Anderson – Motion of tide

1st – Dave Armstrong – Melrose Weir

Standard                          3rd – Layla Anderson – Motion of tide

2nd – Dave Armstrong – Melrose Weir

1st – Suzanne Montgomery – Winter Light

Commended for Alison Lomax, Kevin Lomax, David Graham and Fiona Kilgour

(Layla Anderson automatically moves to the Standard section for 2023-24)

Nature DPI

Beginners section          3rd – Tam Renwick – Blackface Tups

2nd – Dave Armstrong – A Moment of Quiet Reflection

1st – Tam Renwick – Snowdrop

Standard                          3rd – Keith O’Brien – Chaffinch Dispute

2nd – John Frater – Egg Thief in a Leap of Faith

1st – John Montgomery – Pine Marten

Commended for John Frater, Kevin Lomax, Alison Lomax, and Keith O’Brien

People DPI

Beginners section          3rd – Dave Armstrong – I can do this standing on my head

2nd – Dave Armstrong – Surf Dude

1st – Layla Anderson – A Day in the Life of

Standard                          3rd – Richard Lillico – Well groomed

2nd – Ron Bell – Mimicry

1st – Fiona Jamieson – Double Peace

Commended for Ron Bell and John Montgomery


There were no beginner print entries.

General              3rd – Alison Lomax – Rock and Pebbles trio

2nd – Kevin Lomax – Pebbles

1st – Alison Lomax – Bursting Free

Landscape        3rd – Alison Lomax – Jetty and Boathouse

2nd – Kevin Lomax – The Winding Road

1st – Kevin Lomax – Wailing Widow Falls

Nature                3rd – Kevin Lomax – Brown Hare

2nd – Kevin Lomax – Hoopoe in Flight

1st – Alison Lomax – Raindrops on Moss

People                3rd – Richard Lillico – The Cad

2nd – Richard Lillico – Trick or Treat

1st – David Graham – Girl with Braided Hair

The Trophies

Best General                   Alison Lomax – Bursting Free

Best Landscape             Suzzanne Montgomery – Winter Light

Best Nature                     John Montgomery – Pine Marten

Best People                      David Graham – Gril with Braided Hair

Best DPI                            John Montgomery – Pine Marten

Best Colour Print           Alison Lomax – Bursting Free

Best BW print                 Richard Lillico – Trick or Treat

Best Beginner image (Neil McLean cup)

Dave Armstrong – Awaiting the Lady of the Lake

Best Overall and Burns Cup

John Montgomery – Pine Marten

For the monthly competitions for 22-23: Winner DPIs – Kevin Lomax; Winner Prints Alison Lomax; and Beginners Dave Armstrong.

Best Newcomer was jointly won by Tam Renwick and Dave Armstrong for contributions to the club.

(Just mouse over the images below to see the tile and author and click to see a larger view)

Plant Life competition

…and here are the winning images as judged by Adele Richardson of Hawick CC
1st – Bursting Free
2nd – Purple and Blue
3rd – Fern Fronds
Beginner DPI’s
1st –  Lilies
2nd – weather and withered
3rd – Single Cyclamen
Standard DPI’s
1st – Here I come
2nd – Agapanthus Study in Blue
3rd – Blue Grass


3-Way Kelso, Earlston and Gala club

This year’s 3 Way competition was judged by Hunter Kennedy MPAGB, EFIAP from Carluke CC

Gala emerged victorious with 264 points to Kelso’s 245 and Earlston’s 240

A maximum of 20 points were awarded to Gala’s John Montgomery and Earlston’s Curtis Welsh. for their images of a Pine Martin and a Speckled Wood.

Other notables were 19 points to Earlston’s Ali Forsyth, Kelso’s Ian Topping, and Gala’s Ford Trenton, Fiona Kilgour and Kevin Lomax.

Well done to all the authors and thanks to Hunter fro his time and critique

SPF Digital Championship

Gala came a very creditable 5th equal in the SPF Digital Championship, out of 21 clubs who entered for the “Plate” trophy. The winner was Greenock.
The parallel, “Bowie” competition was won by Dumfries.
150 people from all over Scotland showed up on Zoom. Attending from Gala, Ron Bell, Fiona K, Ford R, John Frater, Alison and Kevin Lomax.

Well worth entering again in future years I think. And

congratulations to all our authors.

Galashiels Camera Club – Open competition 18 Jan 2023

Yesterday we welcomed Bill Hume to the club as judge of our Open competition. Many thanks to Bill for all the useful and informative critique received on our images.

The results were as follows:

Beginners PDI: (All Tam Renwick) Commended- The Back Four, Third Always looking up, Second Collie on Call, First – Number 53

Standard DPI: Commended: Kevin Lomax – Goldfinch on Seedhead, John Montgomery – Pine Martin 1 Kevin Lomax – Redshank Reflections. Third – Fiona Kilgour – Woodland Glow. Second – Alison Lomax Leave Some for Me. First – Alison Lomax -Time to Nap.

Prints: Commended: Alison Lomax – Wailing Widows Falls, Alison Lomax – Raindrops on Moss. Third Kevin Lomax – European Rollers Courtship. Second – Ford Renton – Symmetree. First – Alison Lomax – Bonnets.

Well done to all who entered.