The Annual 2024

Judged by John and Sandra Parris of Parris Photography.

Here are the Results



Com                   506        FLOWER SURPRISE                        ALISON LOMAX

Com                    504        QUICK TOUR                                   FORD RENTON

3rd                        517        HEADING HOME                            JOHN MONTGOMERY

2nd                       509        WIZARDS RAILWAY LINES             ALISON LOMAX

1st                        533        AQUILEGIA                                      FIONA KILGOUR


Com                    641        ORKNEY SKAIILL HOUSE               DAVID GRAHAM

3rd                        633        ABANDONED LIGHTHOUSE         TAM RENWICK

2nd                       611        FIRST LIGHT                                    KEVIN LOMAX

1st                        642        CITY LIGHTS                                    ALISTAIR PEACOCK


Com                    804        ACCELERATION                              FORD RENTON

Com                    833        SAX PLAYER                                     ALISTAIR PEACOCK

3rd                        814        MARATHON CONCENTRATION   KEVIN LOMAX

2nd                       835        THREE OF A KIND                          ALISTAIR PEACOCK

1st                        809        TRAM STOP                                     ALISON LOMAX


Com                    738        RED REFLECTION                           FIONA KILGOUR

Com                    717        BARN OWL                                      JOHN MONTGOMERY

Com                    731        RED KITE                                          KEITH OBRIEN

3rd                        720        KINGFISHER CATCH                       JOHN MONTGOMERY

2nd                       722        CHINS UP                                         DAVE ARMSTRONG

1st                        709        KINGS                                              ALISON LOMAX



Com                    119        A BIT OF A CHARACTER                FIONA JAMIESON

Com                    104        NEWHAVEN BOUND                     FORD RENTON

Com                    110        FLYING THE FLAG                           RICHARD LILLICO

3rd                        105        WATER AND ICE                              ALISON LOMAX

2nd                       102        MONEY TREE                                  ALISON LOMAX

1st                        101        GEUM                                              FORD RENTON


Com                    221        LOCH LUBNAIG MORNING           CHRISTINE SWALWELL

Com                    220        VENETIAN CANAL                          FIONA JAMIESON

Com                    214        DERWENT WATER                         BRIAN STARK

3rd                        209        SUMMERHILL FORCE                    KEVIN LOMAX

2nd                       205        FALLEN                                             ALISON LOMAX

1st                        203        EVENING CALM                              KEVIN LOMAX


Com                    419        OLD TIMER                                      ALISTAIR PEACOCK

Com                    405        TRAIN GUARD                                ALISON LOMAX

Com                    402        NO SWEAT                                      ALISON LOMAX

3rd                        413        SMILER                                            CHRISTINE SWALWELL

2nd                       414        STREET PERFORMER                     BRIAN STARK

1st                        403        JUMP                                               KEVIN LOMAX


Com                    303        FINE PAIR OF EYES                       KEVIN LOMAX

Com                    306        EUROPEAN ROLLER                      KEVIN LOMAX

Com                    309        MAKING A SPLASH                      KEVIN LOMAX

3RD                       311        KINGFISHER                                    JOHN MONTGOMERY

2nd                        314        THE CATCH                                   JOHN MONTGOMERY

1st                         307        LOOKING DOWN                           FORD RENTON

Monthly Beg                       Fiona McKenzie AND Ellie MacDonald

Monthly DPI                        Ford Renton

Monthly Print                     Ford Renton AND Alistair Peacock

Best Newcomer                 Fiona McKenzie

 Best General                       533     AQUILEGIA                            FIONA KILGOUR

Best Landscape                  203     EVENING CALM                KEVIN LOMAX

Best People                         809     TRAM STOP                           ALISON LOMAX

Best Nature                         709     KINGS                                       ALISON LOMAX

Best DPI overall                  709     KINGS                                     ALISON LOMAX

Best Colour Print               307     LOOKING DOWN             FORD RENTON

Best B&W Print                  205     FALLEN                                   ALISON LOMAX

Best Home Proc. Print      101     GEUM                                    FORD RENTON

Best Beginner overall       648     SMAILHOLM TOWER            FIONA MCKENZIE

Best Image Overall            709     KINGS                                  ALISON LOMAX

Summer Outing and Evening meets

Just an informal meet-up at the locations listed below for a chat and a photo walk.
Details and directions of where to meet will be emailed nearer the time.
Suggest meeting at 19:00 on 1st May and 4th September to take advantage of daylight hours
Date Place Time Sunset
1st May Innerleithen

(car park out of town on Traquair road)

19:00 20:51
3rd July Old Melrose

(near the cafe)

19:30 21:57
7th August The Haining

(House car park)

19:30 21:04
4th September Abbotsford

(pay to park)

19:00 19:57

Summer Outing 2024

The summer outing will be to Holy Island on Sunday 9th June. Access in favourable tides is from 08:40 until 15:35 Holy Island Safe Crossing Times (

After Holy Island, we can head for Berwick Upon Tweed for a wander around the old town and harbours.

The evening meal is proposed for The Collingwood Arms at Cornhill but that is yet to be decided upon.

Again this year it will be car sharing for transport.