Hints and Tips

A selection of tutorials to get you learning how to post process your images.

(These open in a new window)

Mastering Lightroom Classic

Master Photoshop with PHLearn

Tips on getting the right depth of field (by photographer Chris Weston)

Tips on hyper-focal distance focusing (by photographer Chris Weston)

A Learning Community for Photographers


All you need to know about photographing and processing night sky shots

Documents – Hints and tips (these open in a new window)

Basic colour management (pdf)

Converting images to B&W (pdf)

Colour Checker (image)

Shooting Stars (pdf) Ford’s hand out on photographing the night sky

NPF rule for sharp stars. A more accurate way of determining max exposure time.

Camera basics Understanding exposure (PDF) by Alan Kennedy.

(For the Powerpoint presentation of Alan’s work click Here)

Thanks to DIY Framing for the Handy Hints sheets below. See more hints and tips here 

Components of A Basic Frame (pdf)

An introduction to the key elements of a frame, information about each aspect and the tools used in association with them.

Cutting A Single Mount Using A Logan Bevel Cutter (pdf)

Having cut a sheet of mount board to size, this takes you through the process of marking up and cutting a single mount.

Attaching Artwork Using A hinge Mount System (pdf)

This illustrates a method of attaching 2D artwork to a mount system.  It explains why you might choose this type of mount system and its benefits.  The sheet then provides step by step instructions on how to make a hinge mount, from scratch.

Planning The Dimensions Of A Mount (pdf)

This shows you how to decide on the dimensions of the piece of mount board, from which you could go on to cut a simple mount.