Competition Date Hand-in by Judge
OPEN 16th October 2019 2nd October 2019 Bill Hume
THE AGRI 13th November 2019 23rd October 2019 Hunter Kennedy, John and Sandra Parris
FOUR OF A KIND* 11TH December 2019 27th November 2019 Simon Wooton
OPEN 22nd January 2020 8th January 2020 Justin Mihulka
FOOD** 26th February 2020 12th February 2020 Scott Near
THE ANNUAL 1st April 2020 11th March 2020 Graeme Webb


* FOUR OF A KIND: Members should submit four prints and or four DPIs to be judged as panels of four linked images. The panel should have a title which hopefully ties the four images together in some way. The images should be numbered 1 to 4 and should include the members membership number as per normal completions. The prints will be displayed numerically from left to right and this will be how the judge will be asked to judge the panel. In the case of the DPIs they will be shown in a sequence from 1 to 4.

** FOOD: Should of food normally considered for human beings, not dogs, cats, other animals, Martians, Klingons or other aliens.

The following are available on-line – just click the link, it will open in a new tab:

Competition Forms and Rules

All entries must be accompanied by an appropriate printed form. The forms can be completed and printed direct from the screen OR, just printed as blank documents and completed by hand. Fields are highlighted on screen in blue, depending on your browser. If using MS Edge or Firefox then right click on the link and Save As / Save link to download the form. In Chrome, right click and Save Link as. You can complete a form on-screen within the browser if using Chrome, just type in the appropriate field by first clicking on it. You can also move from field to field by using the tab key.

If using a Smartphone you must have an appropriate .PDF reader APP installed.

If e-mailing the form DON’T FORGET TO “SAVE” THE FORM or your changes will be lost and you’ll end up sending a blank form. A suggestion for naming the file could be “your name_annual_2017″

(Tip: If using MS Edge in Windows 10. Open the form by clicking on the link. Click on the three little dots in the top right corner and choose Open with Internet Explorer. The fields should then be editable.)

or if your prefer,

the form can just be saved to your computer, opened using a suitable PDF reader such as “Adobe Reader” and then completed on screen before saving and printing.

(NB: The form may not be editable on some tablets or phones, or in some PDF readers. It has however been tested on an iPhone and ipad, and works, with the latest version of Adobe Reader (XI or DC), and Foxit, if you have them installed.)

The club has a new Data policy for 2018 as required under EU regulations. It is available on its own from the link on our homepage and is also, for convenience,  printed on the reverse of the above forms. There is no need to print this out, only page 1 of the forms is required for entry.

NB: At the bottom of both Club and Annual entry forms there is a check box. By checking the box you agree to allow the club to use your images in future inter-club competitions, or for publicity. Normally, publicity means the club can publish your image in the local newspaper or post it on our website. It helps the club a lot if you agree to this as it helps promote the club and saves time and effort asking permissions later. Any images posted on this website may have a discrete “Gala CC” watermark on it to deter copying.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader click here for free download of the latest version.