Yair forest

A damp day out

Saturday 18th Feb. The weather forecast was poor. Mist, drizzle and rain showers were all predicted. A few brave members ventured out to brave the elements at Yair Forest between Gala and Innerleithen.

As it transpired other than being overcast it was a great day for woodland photography. A continuous light drizzle covered the trees and plants in water droplets giving an almost Christmas tree light effect on the barer branches. The low light conditions made the lichen cover pine trees a blue hue. The potential for some nice images was high.

We set off heading west up through the wood to one of the higher levels with intention of going past the pond. It was one level too high so we decided to continue on and double back down the southern upland way (SUW) to view the pond on the way back. Before continuing however we paused to go over some of the hyperfocal distance and “expose to the right” procedures Richard Dyson talked about last Wednesday. Lessons over we trudged along the track pausing to take the odd image or two.

The drizzle had eased by this time and although still damp it was quite pleasant walking conditions. Few people were around with only a brief encounter with a pair of mountain bikers, a horse and rider and a dog walker breaking the silence.

Eventually turning downhill via the SUW we ended up at the pond passing en route some good views of the low cloud-cover hill towards Peebles. Ford made a good impression of one of the dancing hippos from Fantasia as he picked his way over the slippery rocks to try and get a reflection shot across the pond. The shot was taken but it didn’t quite turn out as imagined, that’s photography.

None of us was carrying heavy camera bags but I think the distance covered was probably far enough and the low light was getting dimmer. We headed back to the car park and home for a well-earned cup of tea. We thought Bowhill and The Lady’s Walk might be a good location for the next walk. We’ll advise of the date soonest. Ford Renton LRPS