May meetup at Harestanes

4th May – Star Wars Day

At last, the weather was favourable for one of our summer meetups. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month from May to August, excluding June. Usually at a local spot of photographic interest. The bluebells would be out as it was May, so we headed for Harestanes and the woodland at Woodside. This is usually carpeted with bluebells and wild garlic in the woods above the burn.


Five of us turned and sure enough, there was a proliferation of the flowers where expected. Unfortunately, we were just about thirty minutes too late to catch the rays of the setting sun on the blue patches. It was a lovely evening though and we did manage to capture a few nice shots.

It was a pity our meet up clashed with the Tour series Cycling on in Galashiels that evening other a few more members may have shown up. Never mind, there is always next year.


The next meet in our summer outing on Sunday 12th June to Wallington. I’ll do another blog on the event.