Agri Competition

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Agricultural Competition “The Agri” 2016

9th November 2016 – Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels.

The overall winning image and Champion“Grazing Avocets” (DPI) by our very own Gordon Swalwell (GCC)

by Gordon Swalwell of Gala CC

by Gordon Swalwell of Gala CC

On 9th November Galashiels Camera Club held the 28th annual Agricultural Photographic Competition, known as “The Agri”. The competition is open to all our Border photographers and clubs. It consists of both digital projected images and prints split into six categories for each with the main theme being “Agricultural”.

The competition was judged by two photographer judges, George Neilson ARPS and Dougie Allan. The final awards of the competition champion and reserve champion are chosen between the best printed image and the best digital image and is decided by a guest Farmer judge. This year the club was delighted to welcome Mr John Wilkinson, as guest farmer judge, and Mrs Lesley Wilkinson, who very kindly presented the awards. John and Lesley farm at Inchkieth, Lauder.

Awards are given to the best three images in each category along with commendation for other worthy images which didn’t make the final three. There is also an award for the best, and runner up, of the digital and print images in all categories. Additionally, there are three trophies awarded. The Elizabeth Cutter Cup for Best Black and White Print, The Champion – Borders NFU trophy for Best overall image, and Reserve Champion – Reid Brown and Cameron Cup.

Although this year’s entries of nearly 400 images and numbers attending were down slightly on last year, the standard and quality certainly were not. It was still a good turnout and made for a very entering and inspiring evening. I’m sure all enjoyed their night and are looking forward to next year already.

Thanks must go to the judges, those who submitted entries, and those who attended on the night to support our event.

Thanks also to the staff at Langlee Community Centre, without whose help we couldn’t have done it.

Many thanks to all Gala club members who came along, supported the event, and helped set the whole thing up, a herculean task, so well done to all.

Thanks to GCC member Ian Oliver of Tweedside Gallery, Newtown St Boswells for Audio and Visual presentation (

Very special thanks go to Gordon and Christine Swalwell, who organise “The Agri” and have done for a number of years now, a job extremely well done, again.


Left to Right: George Neilson ARPS; John Wilkinson; Champion Gordon Swalwell; Reserve champion Curtis Welsh; Lesley Wilkinson; Dougie Allan (Photo by Ron Bell GalaCC)

The full results are as follows:



1st Ploughing the Furrow by Fiona McAllan (Duns); 2nd Thirsty by Bryan Johnstone (Selkirk); 3rd Surrounded by Dennis Laing (Hawick)

Commended: Anne Yeomans (Duns); Curtis Welsh (Earlston); Phil McLean (Duns); Margaret Renstead (Duns)

Agricultural Machinery and Buildings:

1st Two Horse Power by Phil McLean (Duns); 2nd Sowing At Dusk by Curtis Welsh (Earlston); 3rd Into The Storm       by Phil McLean (Duns)

Commended: Dennis Laing (Hawick); Curtis Welsh (Earlston); Bernie Gajos (Hawick); Allan Drummond (Earlston)


1st Airborne Charge by Curtis Welsh (Earlston); 2nd Exmoor Lady by Phil McLean (Duns); 3rd Stunt Men by Curtis Welsh (Earlston)

Commended:  Bryan Johnstone (Selkirk); John Nairn (Selkirk); Dennis Laing (Hawick); Phil McLean (Duns)


1st Bilsdean Linn by Ronald Richardson (Duns ); 2nd The Boardwalk by Christine Swalwell (Gala); 3rd Country Estate by Charlie McAllan (Duns)

Commended: Curtis Welsh (Earlston); Bernie Gajos (Hawick); Dennis Laing (Hawick); Fiona McAllan (Duns)


1st Hosier Lane by Allan Drummond (Earlston); 2nd Capital Lights by Curtis Welsh (Earlston); 3rd Show Time by Neil McLean (Gala)

Commended: Christine Swalwell (Galal) ; Ronald Richardson (Duns); Neil McLean (Gala); Linsey Anderson Drummond (Earlston)


1st Grazing Avocets by Gordon Swalwell (Gala); 2nd Eider Duck by Jonathan Gaunt; 3rd Sparring Partners by Ronald Richardson (Duns)

Commended: Fiona McAllan (Duns); Ford Renton (Gala) ; Phil McLean (Duns); Adam Drummond (Earlston)

Best Digital Image: – Grazing Avocets by Gordon Swalwell (Gala)

Runner Up: – Hozier Lane by Allan Drummond (Earlston)



1st Bide Still by Curtis Welsh (earlston); 2nd Gies A Cuddle by Dennis Laing (Hawick); 3rd Bonnie Sheep by Christine Swalwell (Gala)

Commended: Anne Yeomans (Duns); Dennis Laing (Hawick); Bernie Gajos (Hawick)

Agricultural Machinery and Buildings

1st It’s Going To Be A Long Night by Bernie Gajos (Hawick); 2nd Final Round by Curtis Welsh (Earlston); 3rd Tobacco Barns & Poly Tunnels by Christine Swalwell (Gala)

Commended: Charlie McAllan (Duns); Ford Renton (Gala); Christine Swalwell (Gala); Gary McBride (Duns); Margaret Renstead (Duns)


1st Riding the Stopper by Dennis Laing (Hawick); 2nd Looking Out Looking In by Dennis Laing (Hawick); 3rd Hola by Ford Renton (Gala)

Commended: Fiona McAllan (Duns); Gordon Swalwell (Gala); Christine Swalwell (Gala); Michael Fitch (Selkirk); Margaret Renstead (Duns)


1st Empty by Dennis Laing (Hawick); 2nd Whitby Light by Dennis Laing (Hawick); 3rd Brecon Falls by Adam Drummond (Earlston)

Commended: Ford Renton (Gala) ; Gordon Swalwell (Gala); Charlie McAllan (Duns); Curtis Welsh (2) (Earlston); Christine Swalwell (Gala)


1st Droplets by Adam Drummond (Earlston); 2nd Play With Me by Bernie Gajos (Hawick); 3rd Sand Abstract by Margaret Renstead (Duns)

Commended: Bryan Johnstone (Selkirk); Ford Renton (Gala); Anne Yeomans (Duns); Phil McLean (Duns); Bernie Gajos (Hawick)


1st Sand Trails by Curtis Welsh (Earlston); 2nd Swallowtail by Christine Swalwell (Gala); 3rd Mountain Hare by Jonathan Gaunt

Commended:  Jonathan Gaunt;  Michael Fitch (Selkirk); Gordon Swalwell (Gala); Anne Yeomans (Duns); Dennis Laing (Hawick); Bernie Gajos (Hawick)

Best Print – Sandtrails by Curtis Welsh (Earlston)

Runner Up Best Print – Droplets by Adam Drummond (Earlston)

Special Prizes

The Elizabeth Cutter Cup for Best Black & White Print – Sandtrails by Curtis Welsh (Earlston)

Reserve Champion – Reid Brown and Cameron Cup – Sandtrails by Curtis Welsh (Earlston)

Champion – Borders NFU Trophy – Grazing Avocets by Gordon Swalwell (Gala)


Galashiels Camera Club – Agricultural Competition 2015

Gala Camera Club hosted the annual Annual Agricultural Competition last week judged by George Neilson ARPS and Doug Allan. Guest Farmer Judge was Ian Stevenson from Lauder accompanied by his wife Elizabeth who kindly presented the awards.

Overall winner of the evening and recipient of the NFU cup was Jonathan Gaunt with his stunning image entitled “Hunting Kestrel”.
Runner up and recipient of the Reid, Brown and Cameron Cup was Phil McLean with his endearing “Brown Hare on the Run” image.

Best Black and White image was taken by Alan Kennedy entitled “Winter Express” which saw him being presented with the Elizabeth Cutter Cup.

Full results are as follows:
Digital Image Livestock section
1st: Eileen Nichol
2nd: Ronald Richardson
3rd: Phil McLean
Alistair Peacock, Margaret Renstead, Bryan Johnstone, Paul Anderson.

DPI Agriculture,Machinery and Buildings Section
1st: Dennis Laing
2nd: Barbara Furphy
3rd: Dennis Laing
Commended: Bernie Gajos (2). Margaret Renstead, Fiona McAllan, Ron Bell

Dpi People Section;
1st: Curtis Welsh
2nd: Curtis Welsh
3rd Barbara Furphy
Commended: Gary McBride, Margaret Renstead, Bernie Gajos, Christine Swalwell

DPi Landscape Section:
1st: Curtis Welsh
2nd: Molly Hodges
3rd: Eileen Nichol
Commended; Dennis Laing, Benie Gajos, Allan Brown, Eileen Nichol, Margaret Renstead.

DPI General Section:
1st: Bernie Gajos
2nd: Molly Hodges
3rd: Fiona McAllan
Commended: Lindsay Anderson Drummond, Neil McLean, Rich Renton, Ron Bell, Ronald Richardson,

DPi Nature Section:

1st: Jonathan Gaunt
2nd: Jonathan Gaunt
3rd: Phil McLean
Christine Swalwell, Margaret Renstead, Bryan Johnstone.

1st overall in the DPI Section was Jonathan Gaunt and Runner up was Bernie Gajos.

Prints. Livestock Section
1st: Anne Yeomans
2nd: Vic Potts
3rd. Ron Bell
Commended Margaret Renstead, Paul Anderson

Prints. Agriculture,Machinery and Buildings Section:
1st: Curtis Welsh
2nd: Margaret Renstead
3rd: Gary McBride
Commended, Christine Swalwell, Curtis Welsh, Bernie Gajos.

Prints. People Section
1st Gordon Swalwell
2nd: Dennis Laing
3rd: Ron Bell
Commended: Curtis Welsh, Margaret Renstead, Dennis Laing.

Prints. Landscape Section:
1st: Charlie McAllan
2nd: Gordon Swalwell
3rd: Alan Kennedy
Commended, Dick Warren, Charlie McAllan, Margaret Renstead, Bernie Gajos.

Prints, General Section;
1st: Alan Kennedy
2nd: Phil McLean
3rd: Curtis Welsh
Commended: Ronald Richardson, Adam Drummond, Molly Hodges, Bernie Gajos.

Prints, Nature Section:
1st: Phil McLean
2nd: Gordon Swalwell
3rd: Anne Yeomans
Commended, Fiona McAllan, Alan Yeomans, Margaret Renstead, Jonathan Gaunt.

Thanks are extended to the Judges whose tasks were made greater by the fact the standard in each section was so high.

The photograph below shows left to right, Elizabeth and Ian Stevenson (Farmer Judges), Doug Allan (Judge), Jonathan Gaunt, overall winner. George Neilson, (Judge), Phil McLean Runner up and Alan Kennedy, best black and white image winner.