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Galashiels Camera Club Agri – 2019

The AGRI 2019 will be held on 13th November. Hand in last date will be Wednesday 23rd October

NB: We are no longer allowing the few days grace on the hand-in date however, if you think you may have difficulty making the above cut off date then please let Ford know before hand and we may be able to arrange something.

We are delighted to welcome Hunter Kennedy back to Galashiels this time to judge the Digital Images. We are equally delighted to announce that this year’s prints will be judged by Hawick’s dynamic duo, professional photographers, John and Sandra Parris of Parris Photography

Galashiels Camera Club Agri – 2018

On Wednesday 14th November Gala camera club welcomed photographers from around the Borders to their Annual Agricultural Photographic competition, known as the “AGRI” for short. This was the 30th anniversary of this competition which, was originally intended to encourage members of the farming community to take up photography but has now expanded to include a total of six themed categories two of which remain farming related. The categories are: Livestock, Agricultural Machinery and Buildings, People, Landscape, General and Nature.

Total entries were up on last year at 243 digitally projected images and 172 printed images. We were delighted to welcome back last year’s Print Judge, former professional photographer Mike Reynolds who had the daunting task of judging the digital entries this year. To judge the prints we were honoured to welcome Hunter Kennedy of Carluke Camera club. Hunter is immediate past President of the Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF). He is well known as a Landscape photographer entering and exhibiting in international salons. His photographic honours include MPAGB, EFIAP AND ARPS.

Unfortunately our guest Farmer Judge for this year, Mr Neil Gibson, of Willowford Farm couldn’t make it on the night but did find the time to choose between the best digital and best print entries naming one as Champion and one as Reserve Champion.

Over 70 people attended the evening which began with some refreshment and a chance to browse the print exhibition. After a welcome by organiser Ford Renton we started a slide show of all the digital image entries. At the end of each category show Judge Mike Reynolds commented on the images he had awarded as Highly Commended, Third, Second and First placed and finished with the Best Overall digital image and runner up.

After a brief pause digital copies of the awarded Printed images were shown on screen. Hunter commented on the merits of each in turn, again listing Highly Commended, Third, Second and First place for each category finishing with the Best Black and White Print (Elizabeth Cutter trophy), The Best Print, and Runner up. Finally, it was time to reveal the choice of guest farmer judge Neil Gibson of whether the best digital or best print would be crowned Champion best in show or Reserve Champion

Well done to all those who entered and especially those awarded. Sincere thanks to our judges and all Gala camera club members who assisted throughout the day and evening to make the competition a success. Special mentioned in dispatches to Jim Paxton who organised the catering and hospitality and a special thanks to Langlee community centre staff for their assistance and use of the equipment.

The full results are as follows. See you all next year. GCC

Galashiels Camera Club – AGRI 2018 – Digital Projected Image Results

Class 01 – Livestock


3rd Place – learning the ropes – Fiona Kilgour – gala

2nd Place– highland cow and calf – Molly Hodges – duns

1st Place – over the wall – Alison Lomax – peebles

Class 03 – Agricultural Machinery and Buildings


3rd Place – massey through the ford – Rich Renton– duns

2nd Place– cutting before the rain – Fiona Jamieson– gala

1st Place– sandyknowe farm – Christine Swalwell – gala

Class 05 – People


3rd Place – Difference of Opinion – Dennis Laing – hawick

2nd Place – Airbourne duo – Curtis Welsh – earlston

1st Place – Rachel – Lynne Grant – gala

Class 07 – Landscape


3rd Place – Dawn – Curtis Welsh – earlston

2nd Place – Cromarty firth as the sun sets in the RAIN – Iain Alden – SELKIRK

1st Place – Footsteps – Kevin Lomax – peebles

Class 09 – General


3rd Place – Autumn Summed up in one leaf – Lisa Kerr – gala

2nd Place – Iris – Christine Swalwell – gala

1st Place – Romanesco Cauliflower– Michael Fitch – selkirk

Class 11 – Nature


3rd Place – Red eyed tree frog on mother in laws tongue– John Frater – GALA

2nd Place – Approaching Traffic – Kevin Lomax – peebles

1st Place – Peek a boo – John Frater – gala

Runner up best image – Rachel – Lynne Grant – gala

Best digital image – Footsteps – Kevin Lomax – peebles

Galashiels Camera Club – AGRI 2018 – PRINTED  Image Results

Class 2 – Livestock


3rd Place – Team harrowing – Anne Yeomans – DUNS

2nd Place – Wintering flock – Ford Renton – GALA

1st Place – Moving the flock – Christine Swalwell – Gala

class 4 – agricultural machinery and buildings


3rd Place – Man at work – Don Lees – gala

2nd Place – Away for lunch – Dennis Laing – hawick

1st Place – Hirta agricultural settlement – Ron Bell – gala

Class 6 – People


3rd Place – Lobsterman fife – Michael Fitch – selkirk

2nd Place – Window light – Don Lees – gala

1st Place – Natasha – Don Lees – gala

Class 8 – Landscape


3rd Place – Peace and quiet – Dennis Laing – hawick

2nd Place – lonely buoy – Jim Paxton – gala

1st Place – Beast from the east – Ronald Richardson – duns

Class 10 – General


3rd Place – Holyrood abbey – John Nairn – selkirk

2nd Place – Cerinthe – Gordon Swalwell – gala

1st Place – The race is one – Bernie Gajos – hawick

Class 12 – Nature


3rd Place – Squirrel on log – Don Lees – gala

2nd Place – Coot family – Dennis Laing – hawick

1st Place – Sparrow hawk feeding – John Frater – gala

BEST BLACK AND WHITE PRINT – Elizabeth Cutter Cup– Lobsterman Fife– Michael Fitch – selkirk

RUNNER UP – BEST PRINT – Sparrow Hawk Feeding– John Frater – gala

BEST PRINT – Moving the Flock – Christine Swalwell – gala

RESERVE CHAMPION – Footsteps – Kevin Lomax- peebles

CHAMPION – Moving the flock – Christine Swalwell – gala

Agricultural Competition “The Agri” 2018

This years AGRI will be held on Wednesday 14th November with hand in of 3 weeks prior i.e. Wednesday 24th October however, I can accept last minute entries up to 27th October, but would prefer everything to be in by wednesday as stated.

This year’s digital judge will be Mike Reynolds who did the prints last year. The Print judge this year is renowned photographer Hunter Kennedy EFIAP MPAGB ARPS

The Farmer Judge for 2018 will be Mr Neil Gibson of Jedburgh

Please note that the rules are unchanged from last year however, we will be a bit stricter on the General image category submissions. The rules clearly state that “General” applies to any image which DOES NOT fit into any of the other categories. General category is NOT an overflow for extra landscapes, nature, etc.

The results and gallery for 2018 will appear here after the competition and, hopefully, in the Border Telegraph

Agricultural Competition “The Agri” 2017

The club’s 29th Agricultural Photographic Competition (The “AGRI”) was held in the main Hall at Langlee Community Centre on Wednesday 8th. The AGRI started as a small competition with a purely Agricultural theme and for Gala camera club members only however, this has now expanded to include six categories only two of which are specifically agricultural and is open to all photographers in the Scottish Borders region. Each entrant can submit up to two digital and two printed images per category. A first, second and third prize is awarded in each category for digital and printed images. A best overall digital and best overall printed image are chosen from which our guest farmer judge his or her favourite. The author of this image is then crowned Champion of the competition.

The event was well attended by over seventy members and guests who were treated to a magnificent show of the best Border Photographers have to offer. In total 362 images were submitted for the competition.

Digital images were judged by Linda Trickett who unfortunately couldn’t be with us on the night but did leave critique notes on the awarded images which, were read out by Ford Renton, the organiser of this year’s competition. Printed images were judged by Mike Reynolds who provided welcome and constructive critique on the awarded prints.

This year’s farmer judge was Stuart Runciman from Stow, whose difficult job it was to decide between the best digital image and the best print to determine who would be crowned 2017 Champion and Reserve Champion. Awards were present to our winners by Mrs Alison Runciman, Post master at Stow Post Office.

The club is most grateful to judges Linda and Mike, as well as Stuart and Alison, for all their hard efforts in making for a very successful evening. Thank you to the club’s secretary Jim Paxton for the catering organisation and providing a super spread for all to enjoy after the prize giving. A special thanks to John Davidson of Langlee Community Centre for all his help in setting up the hall.

Well done to all who entered as well as those awarded.

Awarded images

Digital Projected Image

Livestock: 1st – Highland Cow by Lynne Grant, Gala; 2nd – Blackface Lamb by Margaret Renstead, Duns; 3rd – The Stare Down by Phil McLean, Duns; Commended for Christine Swalwell, Gala, Lynne Grant, Gala and Fiona Kilgour, Gala.

Agricultural Machinery and Buildings: 1st – Harvest from Above by Adam Drummond, Earlston; 2nd – Misty Merse Ploughing by Charlie McAllan, Duns; 3rd – Time for a Rest by Charlie McAllan, Duns. Commended for John Smail, Selkirk, Curtis Welsh, Earlston and Dennis Laing, Hawick

People: 1st – Lifelong Friends by Ron Bell, Gala; 2nd – Family time by Neil McLean, Gala; 3rd – Looking Up by Adam Drummond, Earlston; Commended for Alistair Peacock, Gala; Bryan Johnstone, Selkirk and Linsey Drummond

Landscape: 1st – Black Rock Cottage in Infra-Red by Margaret Renstead, Duns; 2nd – Valley View by Linsey Drummond, Earlston; 3rd – North Sea Storm by Ronald Richardson, Duns: Commended for Adam Drummond, Earlston, Dennis Laing, Hawick and Charlie McAllan, Duns

General: 1st – Hairpin Trio by Adam Drummond, Earlston; 2nd – The Bridges by Phil McLean, Duns; 3rd – Hanging On by Ford Renton, Gala: Commended for Curtis Welsh, Earlston, Bryan Johnstone, Selkirk and Ron Bell, Gala

Nature: 1st – Kingfisher Rising by John Frater, Gala; 2nd – Little Egrets by Phil McLean, Duns; 3rd Roe Buck in Spring by Ronald Richardson, Duns: Commended for Johnathan Gaunt, Christine Swalwell, Gala and Ron Bell, Gala

Runner up, Best overall Digital image – Lifelong Friends by Ron Bell, Gala

Best overall Digital Image – Kingfisher Rising by John Frater, Gala

Printed Images:

Livestock: 1st – Sitting on the Fence by Dennis Laing, Hawick; 2nd – Firm Friends by Curtis Welsh, Earlston; 3rd – Chicken in a Cage by Christine Swalwell, Gala. No Commended as small section.

Agricultural Machinery and buildings: 1st – Rained Off by Dennis Laing, Hawick; 2nd – Polytunnel Patterns by Adam Drummond, Earlston; 3rd – Home Field by Dennis Laing, Hawick; Commended for Adam Drummond, Earlston

People: 1st – Ploughman’s Lunch by Alistair Peacock, Gala; 2nd – Widow by Don Lees, Gala; 3rd – Having a Break by John Smail, Selkirk: Commended for Dennis Laing, Hawick, Alistair Peacock, Gala, Ford Renton, Gala

Landscape: 1st – Passing Storm by Dennis Laing, Hawick; 2nd – Sunset over Jura by Curtis Welsh, Earlston; 3rd – Morning in Assynt by Bernie Gajos, Hawick: Commended for Jim Paxton, Gala and Bernie Gajos, Hawick

General: 1st – Gannets Galore by Curtis Welsh, Earlston; 2nd – Flying the Flags by Ron Bell, Gala; 3rd – Inside Line by Dennis Laing, Hawick: Commended for Don Lees, Gala, Ronald Richardson, Duns and Ford Renton, Gala

Nature: 1st – Walk in to my Parlour by Alistair Peacock, Gala; 2nd – Greenfinch by Ronald Richardson, Duns; 3rd – Roe buck at sunrise by Johnathan Gaunt: Commended for Curtis Welsh, Earlston, Bernie Gajos, Hawick and Phil McLean, Duns

Best Black and White Print (Elizabeth Cutter Cup): Passing Storm by Dennis Laing

Best Black and White Print – Passing Storm by Dennis Laing, Hawick CC

Runner up, Best Print: Walk in to my Parlour by Alistair Peacock

Best Print: Sitting on the Fence by Dennis Laing

Reserve Champion (Reed and Brown trophy): Sitting on the Fence by Dennis Laing

Reserve Champion – Sitting on the Fence – Dennis Laing, Hawick CC

(Best overall image) 2017 (NFU Cup): Kingfisher Rising by John Frater, Gala

Champion 2017 Kingfisher Rising by John Frater, Gala CC