Agri Competition

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Galashiels Camera Club Agri – 2020

The AGRI 2020 will be held on 11th November. Hand in last date will be Wednesday 21st October 2020

NB: Judges to be announced

Here are the full results and winning images from this year’s competition.

AGRI 2019 results

Clubs: E- Earlston; G- Gala; S – Selkirk; D- Duns; P- Peebles; K – Kelso; H – Hawick



Commended: Summer sheep – Alison Lomax (P); Beauty in the eye of the beholder – Rich Renton (D); Daisy at Home – Curtis Welsh (E)

3rd – Give’s a Kiss – Curtis Welsh (E)

2nd – Working dog’s Day Off – Margaret Renstead (D)

1st – Queen of the Heap – Alistair Peacock (G)


Commended: Straight and True – Dennis Laing (H); Preston Mill – Rich Renton (D);– Wheat Store – Jean Foster (S)

3rd – Through a Stone Barn Window – Moira Breach (K)

2nd – On the Silage – Charlie McAllan (D)

1st – Flour the Old Way – Gary McBride (D)


Commended: Celebration time – Iain Alden (S); Over the Line – John Frater (G); Spotlight – Curtis Welsh (E)

3rd – Guns for Hire – Alison Lomax (P)

2nd – Racing for the Line – Kevin Lomax (P)

1st – Elevenses – Dennis Laing (H)


Commended: Falls on the River Braan – Kevin Lomax (P); Svaalbard Seascape – Kevin Lomax (P); Blackrock Cottage – Charlie McAllan (D)

3rd – Bamburgh – Alistair Peacock (G)

2nd – Daybreak – Curtis Welsh (E)

1st – Milkyway over Dere Street – Ford Renton (G)


Commended: Raise a Glass – Rich Renton (D); East Fortune – Eddie Robertson (K); Red Eyed Tree Frog – Ronald Richardson (D)

3rd – Preparing for Winter – Fiona Kilgour (G)

2nd – Harvest Mouse – Ronald Richardson (D)

1st – Tight Lines – Curtis Welsh (E)


Commended: Just Surfaced – Christine Swalwell; Running Impala – Alison Lomax; Goldfinch on Larch – Fiona McAllan

3rd – Water Rail – John Frater (G)

2nd – Making a Splash – Bryan Johnstone (S)

1st – Sparrow hawk Dispute – John Frater (G)


Milkyway over Dere Street – Ford Renton (G)


Sparrowhawk Dispute – John Frater (G)



Commended: Molly and Meg – Curtis Welsh (E)

3rd – Cheviot blackface ewe – Margaret Renstead (D)

2nd – Playtime – Dennis Laing (H)

1st – 4 layer – Dennis Laing (H)

Ag.machinery and Buildings

Commended: Old Bruiser – Charlie MacAllan (D); Poles apart – Neil McLean (G)

3rd – Hand Pumped Oil – Dougie Oliver (S)

2nd – In Good nick – Charlie McAllan (D)

1st – We need rain – Michael Fitch (S)


Commended: Hanging out at the Fringe – Ford Renton (G); The Face only a mother could love – Christine Swalwell (G); Look out – Jennifer Payne (S);

3rd – Any change Please – Lynne Grant (G)

2nd – Autumnal Girl – Lynne Grant (G)

1st – In Step – Dennis Laing (H)


Commended: Bow Fiddle rock at Sunset – Iain Alden (S); Safe Refuge – Dennis Laing (H); Dawn Light – Curtis Welsh (E); Shoreline – Curtis Welsh (E); Trees with an Eildon View – Lisa Kerr (G)

3rd – Beach Hut – Ford Renton (G)

2nd – Woods Ablaze – Alison Lomax (P)

1st – Larch Trees in the Snow – Alison Lomax (P)


Commended: Steamy windows – Ford Renton (G); Evening Silhouette – Curtis Welsh (G); Venice in the Window – Alistair Peacock (G)

3rd – Sand brick – Ford Renton (G)

2nd – Cat on the track – Dennis Laing (H)

1st – Bottle Display – Alison Lomax (P)


Commended: Red Fox in the Snow – Alison Lomax (P); Ready to Leap – Kevin Lomax (P); Winter moss – Ford Renton (G); Red Poll – Fiona McAllan (D); Goldfinch on teasel – Lisa Kerr (G)

3rd – Osprey with Catch – John Frater (G)

2nd – Heron in the Shadows – Jonathan Gaunt

1st – Dragon Fly Exuvia – Alison Lomax (P)

Best Black and white print – Larch Trees in the Snow – Alison Lomax (P)

Runner-up Best Print

Dragon Fly Exuvia – Alison Lomax (P)

Best Print

Larch Trees in the Snow – Alison Lomax (P)

Reserve Champion – Larch Trees in the Snow – Alison Lomax (P)

ChampionSparrow Hawk Dispute – John Frater (G)