Agri Competition

Galashiels Camera Club AGRI – 2023

Update: The date is set for 8th November with hand-in by 18th October.

(NB: Ford will be unavailable to receive any entries from 8th to 12th October inclusive. Outside of these dates is just fine)


When completing the form, please note there are no longer categories 3 and 4, it goes 1,2, 5,6, etc.

We are now closed for entries as of 18th October.

You can download the image lists for this year here, just click on the links below.



The judges this year are:

Graeme Webb – DPI

Scott Near – Prints

A revised entry form and revised rules are available by clicking on the links above. They will open in a new tab. The entry form can be completed online, saved as “your name” and emailed with your entries. Alternatively, your can just print out the form and handwrite it.

We have amalgamated the Livestock and Agricultural Machinery and Buildings into one category called “Farming Life”. This is due to there being a fairly low level of entry to the old categories, especially Agricultural Machinery and Buildings. The old categories still qualify for Farming Life but you can now include people providing they are participating in a farming/agricultural activity or practice. A straight portrait of a farmer does not qualify as farming life, that should go in the People category

Catering will return to our normal high level so don’t have your tea before attending 😁

The admission fee for the evening is £5 due to increased costs at the venue. There is still NO FEE to enter the competition.

See you there.

Ford Renton, Chair GCC, AGRI Organiser.

AGRI 2023 The Results:


Farming life

3rd John Montgomery, 2nd Charlie McAllan, 1st Fiona Jamieson


3rd Alison Lomax, 2nd Kevin Lomax, 1st Alistair Peacock


3rd Phil McLean, 2nd Phil McLean, 1st Mike Gray


3rd Phil McLean, 2nd Tam Renwick, 1st Fiona Kilgour


3rd Phil McLean, 2nd Johnathan Gaunt, 1st Alison Lomax



Farming life

3rd Christine Swalwell, 2nd Curtis Welsh, 1st Tam Renwick


3rd Alistair Peacock, 2nd Christine Swalwell, 1st Dennis Laing


3rd Christine Swalwell, 2nd Curtis Welsh, 1st Phil McLean


3rd Phil McLean, 2nd Johnathan Gaunt, 1st Ford Renton


3rd Ford Renton, 2nd Johnathan Gaunt, 1st Kevin Lomax


Best B & W Print – Kevin Lomax Northern Gannet

Runner-up Digital – Fiona Kilgour – Aquilegia, Best Digital Alison Lomax – Kings

Runner-up Prints – Phil McLean – Sea Haar shrouded Bass Rock, Best Print Dennis Laing – Not Impressed

Reserve Champion – Dennis Laing: Champion – Alison Lomax